Valuing our customers, employees and communities

RockTenn’s commitment to be the most respected company in our industry includes a commitment to our people, to our communities and to our customers – to provide responsibly sourced and safe products. Our legacy is to develop and retain the best talent in the industry, to operate the safest and lowest cost facilities and to support the communities where we work and live.


The safety and health of our employees is our highest core value. A robust management system supports our safety values and the belief that injuries are preventative. At the heart of this is our Safety Code of Conduct, which outlines our safety philosophy, and is endorsed by senior management. 


RockTenn is committed to the basic principles of honesty, integrity, and accountability. This commitment requires each employee to act honestly and ethically in all relationships involving RockTenn. All employees are required to comply with our Employee Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

Talent Management

A disciplined talent management system is critical to maintaining a high performance-based culture and attracting top talent. RockTenn is committed to hiring and retaining the best people in our business and developing those resources through leadership and formal technical training that rewards employee excellence.

Corporate Citizenship

RockTenn embraces a culture of corporate citizenship; protecting the health and safety of the communities where we live and work. Our support extends beyond financial contributions to include employees who choose to volunteer their time and talents.

Government Affairs

The RockTenn Government Affairs program is structured to encourage employee participation, as citizens, in public policy issues within the community and nation. Employees are assisted in learning the intricacies of complex public policy issues, taking action to communicate with elected officials and participating in industry and community organizations.

Make It Better