WestRock Uncoated Recycled Board (URB) is made from 100% recycled fiber, which has been diverted from the waste stream. Our URB paperboards are well suited for a wide variety of applications.

Plain Chip URB is a multipurpose, low-density, non-bending, 100 percent recycled URB, great for applications where stiffness and rigidity are important. Our Plain Chip is an ideal recycled option for pads, partitions, separators, office dividers, automotive trim and other applications.

Plain Chip URB


Bending Chip URB is a stronger, denser, 100 percent recycled URB that can endure a 180° fold without cracking or separating. Ideal for providing a natural look for folding carton applications and separators where bending qualities are important.  Bending Chip is available as white-lined vat, color-dyed or moisture resistance.

Bending Chip URB


RockWall™ Tube and Core Board is 100 percent recycled URB specifically designed for tube and core applications that demand strength and crush resistance. Our Tube and Core offers a wide variety of ring crush qualities, making it ideally suited for applications such as convolute tubes, spiral tubes, cores and drum bottoms.

RockWall Tube & Core URB



WestRock URB is RPA-100% percent recycled and recyclable.

WestRock Paperboard Mills producing Uncoated Recycled Board products are
certified to the SFI® PEFC® and FSC® Chain-of-Custody standards. Contact WestRock for details.
Certificates Codes: SFI Certified Sourcing: NSF-SFILUFS-6S751, SFI CoC: NSF-SFICOC-6S751,
PEFC: NSF-PEFCCOC-6S751; FSC Company Code: FSC-C104002.

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