WestRock CRB is made from 100% recycled fiber, which has been diverted from the waste stream. Our CRB paperboards feature a double-clay coated surface for eye catching graphics and FDA-complaint for contact with most dry, fatty and aqueous foods, making them well suited for a wide variety of folding carton and custom applications.

Classic CRB is well suited for a wide variety of food and non-food applications such as cookies, crackers, snacks, cereals, toys and recreational products, electronics and household goods.

Classic CRB

MillMask® CRB is a custom CRB featuring custom masking capabilities without the use of fluoro-chemicals, making it the ideal alternative to off-line coating, extrusions and laminations. MillMask is ideal for cookies, crackers, snacks, cereals and other dry foods; quick-serve restaurant applications, pet foods and lotion-impregnated tissues.

MillMask® CRB

AngelCote® Low Density CRB is a premium-grade CRB with superior smoothness for exceptional printability.  Our Angelcote® Low Density CRB is especially attractive for dry food applications, such as cookies, crackers, cereals and snacks, health and beauty products, film and foil laminated packaging, shipping envelopes and more.

AngelCote® Low Density CRB

AngelBrite® White Back CRB features exceptional topside smoothness, uniformity and white back side, making it an ideal recycled alternative to SBS. AngelBrite is best suited for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other health and beauty applications, bakery, entertainment, games and household goods.

AngelBrite® White Back CRB



WestRock CRB is RPA-100% certified and recyclable.  
WestRock Paperboard Mills producing Coated Recycled Board products are
certified to the SFI® PEFC® and FSC® Chain-of-Custody standards. Contact WestRock details.
Certificates Codes: SFI Certified Sourcing: NSF-SFILUFS-6S751, SFI CoC: NSF-SFICOC-6S751,
PEFC: NSF-PEFCCOC-6S751; FSC Company Code: FSC-C104002

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