VPS Trayformer

Make it better with improved performance, impact and strength
Utilizing a common footprint, VPS Systems make it easy for retailers to stack and display products, and even easier for consumers to view and select them! Other benefits of VPS Systems include:

      • reduced shipping & handling of inbound case blanks
      • improved performance through distribution chain
      • reduced product damage
      • improved merchandising impact
      • material savings
      • increased stacking strength
      • square footage reduction
      • labor savings
      • user-friendly handling features



The VPS.5 trayfomer was specially designed for the patented VPS.5® corrugated style open top tray. Ideal for the produce industry's 'common footprint' program this versatile design can be tailored to suit any product need and display environment including Club store displays.


This specially designed trayformer produces the patented VPS.10® corrugated style open top tray which is suited for the produce, meat or any industry that utilizes open style trays.


Updated designed for the patented VPS.5 open top tray and the VPS.30® open top tray with integrated lid. Ideal for the produce, meat, club store, or any industry that utilizes open top or lidded trays.