Machines and Service Erectors

Machines and Service
RockTenn designs and manufactures a complete line of precision, semi and fully-automatic case equipment, available in both standard and customized configurations, able to handle a wide variety of products and line speeds. Our Automated Packaging Systems offer you a highly efficient single point of contact that eliminates the need for multiple vendors.

Case Packers
Specially designed systems for knockdown style containers that accommodate a wide variety of products.

Case Erectors
Case erectors/bottom sealers are available with hot melt adhesive or tape closure systems and speeds up to 35 cases per minute and are designed to handle RSC, HSC, FOL and many other container options.

Case Sealers
Hot melt, cold adhesive, or tape closure systems with speeds up to 50 cases per minute and designed to handle RSC, HSC, and FOL shipping containers.

Meta® Systems

RockTenn’s advanced engineering allows for precision case forming that uses die-cut blanks to form cases around a fixed mandrel resulting in cases that outperform comparable standard cases (RSCs) in production efficiency at higher speeds with greater stacking strength

Quick Pack
A modern twist for the meat packing process to make it more efficient: an entirely new system and box that uses less material, takes less labor, and dramatically speeds up your meat packing line.

SLI Bag Liner Case Inserter
RockTenn’s SLI is a fully-automatic flexible bag liner/inserter that handles up to 15 cases per minute for bag sealing and cutting. The SLI are ideal for bakery products, snack foods, proteins, confections and frozen vegetables.

Tray Formers
The Series 4400 Trayformers automatically select, form, and seal side or end slotted trays at speeds up to 45 trays per minute. The Series 4400 can be custom-configured for many other styles and is ruggedly built for continuous production at a high level of reliability.