Developing Next Generation Packaging.
Located in Norcross, GA and St. Paul, MN, our Packaging Technology Centers are dedicated to providing comprehensive and creative product development and technical support to our valued customers. We provide a full range of services including material testing, compliance testing, custom design testing, package performance and more.

Materials and Chemical Testing
A full range of services meet all industry standards including TAPPI, ASTM, ISO and DIN. We have the ability to chemically identify materials, contaminants and unknowns, breakdown of competitive structures, films, coatings and more.

Package Performance Testing
Our environmental chambers simulate extreme temperature and humidity conditions encountered during warehouse storage and distribution. Other package testing spectrum covers drop testing, incline impact testing, shock data recording and dynamic and static compression tests. We also perform customized design testing and reporting with historical trend analysis.

Materials and Process Consulting
Testing processes helps customers solve packaging materials problems concerning identification and selection of substrates, adhesives, and coatings. With testing, you receive valuable feedback for COAs, process control and product development, useful for converters, printers, manufacturers and other specialized industry fields.

Product Development
Our staff of technical professionals uses our vast testing and analysis resources to assist with the development of new materials or adjustments of existing packaging materials to fit your product.